Our Mission

Professionalism, fairness & respect for the environment

Ecogest S.p.A. is a company with a strong identity at the basis of which there has always been a human and professional 'style made up of correct behaviour and a balance between respect for people and the interests of the Company. Therefore, in a nutshell, the company's mission can be described as follows: to ensure each customer an accessible, customisable and excellent quality rental service. Only in this way will the service have positive also have a positive impact on the community in which it operates, benefiting citizens from the efficiency of the vehicles used for the collection services and the cleaning of streets and public spaces. In doing so, it has come to establish partnerships with all customers and, where possible/appropriate, with suppliers, combining the mastery of the technologies practised with the correct degree of service, with the the objective of satisfying the interests of staff, customers and suppliers, with full respect for the environment and the community.

Our Values


We carry out our daily activities with responsibility, fairness, correctness and good faith, complying with internal and external source regulations.

Ecological Responsibility

We promote the protection of natural resources and efficient use of energy. Environmental safety and the environmental compatibility of activities and services are priority objectives of Ecogest S.p.A..


We are attentive to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We engage in an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, informing them in a clear, complete and truthful manner, aware that sharing objectives and results is fundamental to maximising value.

Social Responsibility

We respect and support internationally recognised human rights and we reject all forms of forced labour and child labour. Ecogest S.p.A. recognises its importance in the external environment.

Promotion and Development

We pursue and promote excellence in technology and the provision of innovative services that generate value while fully respecting environmental sustainability. We support initiatives and projects geared towards service and process innovation in synergy with all our partners.

Respect for and protection of Human Rights

We operate with respect for the dignity of persons and human rights and require the same commitment from all our partners. We ensure an inclusive working environment that values uniqueness and diversity as fundamental resources for the development of humanity.

Teamwork and collaboration

We work with passion, believe in team spirit and value everyone's abilities. We recognise collaboration as a fundamental element to building strong and lasting relationships, through which we can express our potential and achieve our assigned goals.


We believe that innovation is the basis for personal and societal growth. We acquire expertise in order to develop cutting-edge ideas and services to meet the the needs of our customers, contributing to the progress of society, including in terms of greater safety and lower environmental impact.

Our Vision

Innovation, growth & continuous improvement

We want to be a company that expresses, through its people, values of innovation whose hallmark distinctive trait is to direct its activities with policies and strategies that are targeted according to the sector in which it operates. Competitors are and will be our stimulus and positive challenge to always be better: correct spirit competitive spirit aimed at continuous improvement of what one does. Keeping up with the times, with a view to constant improvement, is a must. Becoming one of the reference points for operators in the sector is a source of pride.


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